Multiheterodyne Spectroscopy Using Multi-frequency Combs

Published: May 14, 2017


David F. Plusquellic, Gerd A. Wagner, Adam J. Fleisher, David A. Long, Joseph T. Hodges


Near-IR dual frequency combs generated from waveform driven electro-optic phase modulators (EOMs) are used for high resolution studies in low pressure cells and for remote sensing from natural targets (Boulder Flatirons). Arbitrary waveform generators (with up to 20 GHz of bandwidth) enable amplitude (AM), phase (PM) and harmonic (HM) modulation control of dual parallel phase modulators to generate tailored frequency combs for sensing requirements.
Proceedings Title: CLEO
Issue: 978-1-943580-27-9
Conference Dates: May 14-19, 2017
Conference Location: San Jose, CA
Pub Type: Conferences


Remote sensing, electro-optic frequency combs, multiheterodyne detection
Created May 14, 2017, Updated October 16, 2017