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Multidimensional Instrumentation Applied to Studies of Electrodeposition



Brian J. Polk, Felix Duvallet


Students of the experimental sciences have a need to learn how to interface multiple instruments to computers for the purpose of building effective data acquisition systems. For example, a requirement for better process control of electroplating demanded simultaneous measurement of mass, current, and voltage. Modern interfacing software which enables rapid development of data collection systems using standard laboratory instruments can be easily learned by students who have some fundamental knowledge of computer programming, particularly in C / C++. Modular design of the software and hardware components allowed for changes to be implemented quickly to match experimental needs. Both the need for process control and the student's need to learn interfacing was addressed through a student-built system which combined a computer with an analytical balance and a current / voltage source-meter using interfacing software to create a versatile, multidimensional instrument. The multidimensional instrument was applied to process control of copper electroplating and electrocorrosion and an analytical expression for the predicted mass change of a plating sample as measured in the plating solution was developed. Experimental values of mass change at various currents were compared to predicted values and good agreement to within a few percent was found.
Chem Educator


chemical education, data acquisition, electrochemistry, electrodeposition, electroplating, instrumentation


Polk, B. and Duvallet, F. (2007), Multidimensional Instrumentation Applied to Studies of Electrodeposition, Chem Educator (Accessed April 17, 2024)
Created February 8, 2007, Updated October 12, 2021