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Multiaxial constitutive behavior of an interstitial-free steel: measurements through X-ray and digital image correlation



Youngung Jeong, Mark A. Iadicola, Thomas H. Gnaeupel-Herold, Adam A. Creuziger


Constitutive behaviors of an interstitial-free steel sample were measured using an augmented Marciniak experiment. In these tests, multiaxial strain field data of the flat specimens were measured on the basis of the digital image correlation technique. In addition, the flow stress was measured using a low-power X-ray diffractometer. The flat specimens in three different geometries were tested in order to achieve 1) balanced biaxial strain, and plane strain tests with zero strain in either 2) rolling direction or 3) transverse direction. The multiaxial stress and strain data were processed to obtain plastic work contours with reference to a uniaxial tension test along the rolling direction. The experimental results show that the mechanical behavior of the subjected specimen deviates significantly from isotropic behavior predicted by the Von Mises yield criterion. The initial yield loci measured by Marciniak tester is in good agreement with what is predicted by Hill’s yield criterion. However, as deformation increases beyond the strain of 0.05, the shape of work contour significantly deviates from Hill’s yield locus. At the strain level of 0.05, prediction made by viscoplastic self-consistent model is in better agreement with the experimental observation in comparison with the Hill yield locus with the isotropic work-hardening rule. However, none of the studied models are sufficiently accurate to describe the anisotropic hardening behaviors of the interstitial-free steel.
ACTA Materialia


Jeong, Y. , Iadicola, M. , , T. and Creuziger, A. (2016), Multiaxial constitutive behavior of an interstitial-free steel: measurements through X-ray and digital image correlation, ACTA Materialia (Accessed May 18, 2024)


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Created April 18, 2016, Updated February 19, 2017