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Multi-Scale Dislocation Dynamics Plasticity: Application to Frank's Dislocation Boundaries



S M. Khan, H M. Zbib, D A. Hughes


Experimentally observed Frank's dislocation boundaries in fcc single crystal are analyzed using a multi-scale discrete dislocation plasticity model. It is shown that use of the plausible model boundary conditions smoothes out the 'hump' in the self-stress field of the dislocation boundary rendering its behaviour closer to that of a theoretical infinite dislocation boundary. The relaxed dislocation boundaries show uniform dislocation networks, stabilized by formation of junctions and dipoles. The interaction behaviour of an extrinsic dislocatin with a dislocation boundary is discussed using a new approach, and a potential relationship is explored between the applied stress and dislocation boundaries' stress field.
To Be Determined


dislocation dynamics, dislocations, Frank's formula, multi-scale modeling


Khan, S. , Zbib, H. and Hughes, D. (2008), Multi-Scale Dislocation Dynamics Plasticity: Application to Frank's Dislocation Boundaries, To Be Determined (Accessed April 22, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008