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Multi-Path Multi-Channel Routing Protocol



Hamid Gharavi


In this paper we present a DSR-based multi-path Routing protocol, which has been developed for transmission of Multiple Description Coded (MDC) packets in wireless ad-hoc network environments. The protocol is designed to eliminate co-channel interference between multiple routes from source to destination by assigning a different frequency band to each route. In the route discovery process we use three metrics to select the best multiple routes. These are hop count, power budget, and the number of joint nodes between the different routes. For continuous media communications we show that in order to effectively benefit from the advantages associated with multipath diversity routing, it is important to use a multi-channel protocol such as the one developed here.
Proceedings of the IEEE


ad-hoc networks, CSMA/CA, MANET, multi-channel routing, multihop networks, WLAN
Created July 24, 2006, Updated February 19, 2017