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Rachael Sexton, Michael Brundage, Alden A. Dima, Michael Sharp


The Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference (MSEC) in 2020 is the 15th annual conference put on by the Manufacturing Engineering Division (MED) of ASME. MED and ASME MSEC focuses on manufacturing sciences, technology, and applications, including machining, materials processing, sensing, robotics, systems, optimization, among other emerging areas. As the conference has grown and evolved from its inception, it can be difficult to intuitively visualize and discuss the broad range of research topics presented here or to capture their evolution throughout time. This paper discusses a methodology to quantitatively model communities of research and the relative change of relevant topics through time using conference papers from ASME MSEC 2006 through 2018. The goal of this work is to not only present how research in MSEC has shifted over time, but in a more broad sense to provide a discussion on how others can interpret results so that similar analysis can be produced within other research communities. This method can be used to predict future trends for conferences, identify overlap of communities, monitor growth or stagnation to aid in developing new symposiums and communities of interest, or even to dictate future standards needs by looking at research trends and subsequent standard development.
Proceedings Title
MSEC: Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference
Conference Dates
June 22-26, 2020
Conference Location
Cincinnati, OH, US


natural language processing, manufacturing


Sexton, R. , Brundage, M. , Dima, A. and Sharp, M. (2020), MSEC: A QUANTITATIVE RETROSPECTIVE, MSEC: Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference, Cincinnati, OH, US, [online],, (Accessed April 20, 2024)
Created June 25, 2020, Updated October 23, 2023