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Morphotropic Phase Boundary Perovskites, High Strain Piezoelectrics, and Dielectric Ceramics



R Guo, Winnie Wong-Ng, D Viehland, C M. Wu, K M. Nair, A S. Bhalla, D Suvorov, S I. Hirano


The content of this Ceramic Transactions volume comprises the proceedings of the Symposium on Dielectric Materials andMultilayer Electronic Devices and the Symposium on Morphotropic Phase Boundary Phenomena and Perovskite Materials,held April 28 - May 1, 2002, in St. Louis, Missouri, during the 104th Annual Meeting of the American Ceramic Society, and tFocused Session on High Strain Piezoelectrics, held April 22-25, 2001, in Indianapolis, Indiana, during the 103rd AnnualMeeting of the American Ceramic Society. The Electronics Division of the American Ceramic Society led the organization ofthe three symposia featured in this Transactions Volume.A total of forty-eight papers are featured in this volume. They are organized into four parts: Morphotropic Phase BoundaryMaterial Systems and their Structure-Property-Chemistry Relations; Synthesis of High Strain Piezoelectric Crystals andTextured Ceramics; Dielectric Materials Development and Device Fabrications; and Materials and Design Issues forPiezoelectric Materials.
Ceramic Transactions


LTCC, MEMS, MPB, multilayer dielectrics, Perovskites, piezoceramic, sensor, transducer


Guo, R. , Wong-Ng, W. , Viehland, D. , Wu, C. , Nair, K. , Bhalla, A. , Suvorov, D. and Hirano, S. (2003), Morphotropic Phase Boundary Perovskites, High Strain Piezoelectrics, and Dielectric Ceramics, Ceramic Transactions (Accessed April 15, 2024)
Created June 17, 2003, Updated October 12, 2021