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Molecule induced interface states dominate charge transport in Si-alkyl-metal junctions



Lam H. Yu, Nadine E. Gergel-Hackett, Christopher D. Zangmeister, Christina A. Hacker, Curt A. Richter, James G. Kushmerick


Abstract. Semiconductor-molecule-metal junctions consisting of alkanethiol mono- layers self-assembled on both p+ and n¡ type highly doped Si(111)wires contacted with a 10 ¹m Au wire in a crossed-wire geometry are examined. Low temperature transport measurements reveal that molecule induced semiconductor interface states control charge transport across these systems. Inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy also highlights the strong contribution of the induced interface states to the observed charge transport.
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter


"molecular electronics, " "inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy, " "charge transport"


Yu, L. , Gergel-Hackett, N. , Zangmeister, C. , Hacker, C. , Richter, C. and Kushmerick, J. (2008), Molecule induced interface states dominate charge transport in Si-alkyl-metal junctions, Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter, [online], (Accessed May 23, 2024)


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Created August 26, 2008, Updated February 19, 2017