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Molecular Quantum Magnetism in LiZn2Mo3O8



M. Mourigal, W. T. Fuhrman, J. P. Sheckelton, A. Wartelle, Jose Rodriguez Rivera, D. L. Abernathy, T. M. McQueen, Collin L. Broholm


Inelastic neutron scattering at temperatures below 30 K from a powder of LiZn2Mo3O8 demonstrates this triangular-lattice antiferromagnet hosts collective magnetic excitations from spin 1⁄2 Mo3O13 molecules. The excitation spectrum, that appears gapless and to extend up to 2.5 meV, remains surprisingly broad in momentum space and involves a third of the spins present above 100 K. The data are consistent with a disordered valence bond solid or a resonating valence bond state involving nearest-neighbor and next-nearest-neighbor spins.
Physical Review Letters


Magnetism, spin liquids, Magnetic ordering


Mourigal, M. , Fuhrman, W. , Sheckelton, J. , Wartelle, A. , Rodriguez Rivera, J. , Abernathy, D. , McQueen, T. and Broholm, C. (2014), Molecular Quantum Magnetism in LiZn<sub>2</sub>Mo<sub>3</sub>O<sub>8</sub>, Physical Review Letters, [online], (Accessed May 27, 2024)


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Created January 14, 2014, Updated October 12, 2021