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Molecular Computers for Solving Computational Decision Problems



Z Amitay, R Kosloff, S R. Leone


State-selective coherent control tailored molecular wave packets is implemented for solving computational decision problems. The current study involves graphs composed of vertices and edges, and the computational task is to determine the connectivity of a given graph, i.e., is there a path connecting every pair of vertices. The graph configurations are encoded into phase-tailored molecular Li2 wave packets using femtosecond pulse shaping. The time-dependent coherent dynamics reflects the connectivity characteristic. The result is evaluated efficiently utilizing quantum interferences, probed through time-delayed ionization. The present work involves coherent ccomputation using quantum elements, not quantum computation.


computational problem, decision problem, pulse shaping, wave packet


Amitay, Z. , Kosloff, R. and Leone, S. (2021), Molecular Computers for Solving Computational Decision Problems, Science (Accessed May 25, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021