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Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth of High-Quality GaN Nanocolumns



J E. Van Nostrand, K L. Averett, R Cortez, J Boecki, C E. Stutz, Norman Sanford, Albert Davydov, J D. Albrecht


Vertically oriented GaN nanocolumns (NCs) approximately 90+10 nm wide and 0.75 microns tall were grown byt plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy on Al_(2)O_(3)(0001) and Si(111). The dense packing of the NCs gives them the appearance of a continuous film in surface view, but cross-sectional analysis shows them to be isolated nanostructures. Low temperature photoluminescence measurements of NCs show excitonic emission with a dominant, narrow peak centered at 3.472 eV and FWHM of 1.26 meV. This peak is identified as the ground state of the A free exciton as confirmed by reflection measurements. Cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy identifies the NC microstructure as wurtzite GaN and that the NCs are largely free of defects. The GaN NCs are subsequently utilized as a defect free vehicle for optical studies of Si doped GaN; and the donor state was identified through low-temperature photoluminescence experiments.
Journal of Crystal Growth


GaN nanocolumns, GAN photoluminescence, transmission electron microscopy


Van Nostrand, J. , Averett, K. , Cortez, R. , Boecki, J. , Stutz, C. , Sanford, N. , Davydov, A. and Albrecht, J. (2006), Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth of High-Quality GaN Nanocolumns, Journal of Crystal Growth (Accessed May 22, 2024)


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Created December 31, 2005, Updated October 12, 2021