Modulated Photocurrent Measurements in Double Junction Solar Cells

Published: November 05, 2018


Nicolas Marquez Peraca, Behrang H. Hamadani


Frequency dependent external quantum efficiency (EQE) measurements were performed on double junction solar cells by a custom-designed system consisting of an array of various monochromatic LEDs. Some LEDs were pulsed as a function of frequency while others were operated at constant intensity to explore the frequency response of each junction under various conditions. An equivalent circuit model, incorporating the effects of shunt resistances, junction capacitances, optical light coupling and the series resistance was then used to explain the various features and findings obtained from these measurements.
Conference Dates: June 25-30, 2017
Conference Location: washington, DC
Conference Title: 2017 IEEE Photovoltaic specialist conference
Pub Type: Conferences


multijunction solar cells, PV, EQE, quantum efficiency, renewable energy
Created November 05, 2018, Updated May 07, 2019