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Modern wire bonding technologies - ready for the challenges of future microelectronic packaging



Klaus-Dieter Lang, George G. Harman, Martin Schneider-Ramelo


Increasing I/O numbers and device complexity, higher clock frequencies, and the trend to product miniaturization in microelectronics as well as microsystems strongly require a quantum jump from current Wire Bonding technology. High quality manufacturing (speed and reliability) of wire bonds, especially in the range of pitches below 50 'm, depends on advanced materials, high preci-sion bonding tools, and sophisticated equipment. Together with modern product engineering, opti-mized technology development and extreme quality parameters, high process yield/stability can and must be achieved. This paper covers new developments and trends of materials and bonding equip-ment as well as bond quality and reliability required to solve future challenges for wire bonding as the dominant interconnection method.
The World of Systems Integration and Packaging
Publisher Info
dpp Golden Bogen, Dresden, GE


Wire bonding, bonding material, bonding tools, bondability, contact reliability, fine pitch


Lang, K. , Harman, G. and Schneider-Ramelo, M. (2005), Modern wire bonding technologies - ready for the challenges of future microelectronic packaging, dpp Golden Bogen, Dresden, GE (Accessed May 29, 2024)


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Created January 26, 2005, Updated October 12, 2021