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Modeling Partitioned and Replicated Databases Using an Extended Concept of Generalization



Stanley Su, Anil Kumar


Partitioning and replication of data are very important concepts in logical database design of both centralized and distributed databases. It is very important that the relationships among the vertical and/or horizontal partitions of a relation and the information about data replication be explicitly modeled and dynamically maintained so that their integrity and consistency can be automatically enforced by a DBMS or a distributed DBMS. In this paper, we present an extended generalization concept and show how it can be used to explicitly model various types of data partitions with or without replication. Storage operation rules for these partition types are defined for integrity control purposes and rules for modifying the schema at run time, when partitions are dynamically created or modified, are also presented. Integrity control can be enforced by following the modified model and constraints of these partitions.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings of the COMPSAC '87 Conference
Conference Location


distributed databases, logical design, DBMS


Su, S. and Kumar, A. (1987), Modeling Partitioned and Replicated Databases Using an Extended Concept of Generalization, Proceedings of the COMPSAC '87 Conference, , USA (Accessed April 12, 2024)
Created December 31, 1986, Updated October 12, 2021