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Modeling Microstructures with OOF2



Andrew C. Reid, Rhonald Lua, R E. Garcia, Valerie R. Coffman, Stephen A. Langer


OOF2 is a program for computing the properties and behavior of material microstructures, beginning with an image of the microstructural geometry. OOF2 uses finite elements, but is designed to be used by materials scientists with little or no finite element experience. It can solve a wide range of physical phenomena and can be (and is being) extended to solve even more. This paper is an introduction to some of the features of OOF2.
International Journal of Materials and Product Technology


finite element, microstructure


Reid, A. , Lua, R. , Garcia, R. , Coffman, V. and Langer, S. (2009), Modeling Microstructures with OOF2, International Journal of Materials and Product Technology, [online], (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created September 1, 2009, Updated January 27, 2020