Model Validation Study of Carbon Monoxide Transport due to Portable Generator Operation in an Attached Garage

Published: October 06, 2017


Steven J. Emmerich, William S. Dols


NIST conducted a series of tests to characterize the indoor CO concentrations resulting from portable generators operating in the attached garage of a house under various use and environmental conditions. An extensive model validation effort using the multizone airflow and IAQ model CONTAM was carried out using the data from seven tests that were conducted with a generator operating in the attached garage of the test house to compare predicted CO concentrations with measured values. The agreement between the measurements and predictions of the O2 concentrations in the garage and of the average CO calculated for the house zones was excellent for the collective set of data. The agreement, however, was somewhat worse for the garage CO concentrations. Overall, the average individual house zone and garage CO concentration predictions and measurements were within about 20 % and 30 % respectively when averaged over all cases.
Citation: Journal of Building Performance Simulation
Pub Type: Journals


Generator, carbon monoxide, CONTAM, exposure, indoor air quality, health, model validation, multizone airflow model, simulation
Created October 06, 2017, Updated October 06, 2017