Model-Based Approach Towards Integrating Manufacturing Design and Analysis

Published: July 10, 2018


Anantha Narayanan Narayanan, Yung-Tsun T. Lee


As internet technologies and cloud-based services evolve, a new market structure is emerging across various industries, and particularly in the data-driven-analytics-services industry. This could have a great impact in the smart manufacturing sector, where highly capable and competitive services will be vying for clients. While data analytics promises manufacturers new options for optimizing the capabilities of their systems, it also forebodes challenges integrating with existing and legacy systems across a variety of services and applications. To address these challenges, we propose a modeling framework and a set of software components for connecting independent cloud and third-party services to core manufacturing models. This document describes the framework and its components.
Citation: Advanced Manufacturing Series (NIST AMS) - 300-5
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Pub Type: NIST Pubs


Manufacturing, Data analytics, modeling, framework
Created July 10, 2018, Updated November 10, 2018