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Model for the Asymmetric DC and Fluctuating Conduction of an Ion Channel



B Robertson, John J. Kasianowicz


A model for the asymmetric DC conduction of an ion channel is compared with measurements of the ionic current carried by an aqueous potassium chloride solution through ion channels formed by alpha hemolysin in a lipid bilayer. The dependence of the current on the voltage, pH, and salt concentration is given. A model for the noise in ion conduction is also formulated. The randomness of proton binding measured previously is compared with the model, and the agreement is good.
Biophysical Journal


Ion channel admittance


Robertson, B. and Kasianowicz, J. (2008), Model for the Asymmetric DC and Fluctuating Conduction of an Ion Channel, Biophysical Journal (Accessed July 14, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008