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A Mobile Sensor Platform for Construction Metrology and Automation: Design and Initial Results



L E. Pfeffer


At NIST, we are creating a test-bed to support experimental research in construction-site metrology and automation. We are extending our previous test-bed to include a vehicle to make measurements at construction sites. This mobile sensor platform will incorporate precision GPS for position and attitude sensing and scanning LADAR for terrain mapping. The All-Terrain Vehicle's (ATV's) sensors are managed by an on-board computer, which communicates via wireless Ethernet. High-bandwidth wireless communications permits use of sensor data in ways that can significantly impact construction productivity. Sensor data from the ATV is already being used to update a remote 3-D world model in real time. A related aspect of this work is the investigation of open data formats and protocols for exchanging spatial data. We are investigating the use (and extension) of existing protocols (e.g., IEEE Std. 1278) to create a prototype for a standard for spatial metrology on construction sites. This paper outlines the design of the infrastructure system (concentrating on the mobile sensor platform) and shows initial experimental results from the sensors and from the
International Conference on Field and Service Robotics


3-D models, automation, GPS, LADAR, protocols, spatial sensors, wireless communications


Pfeffer, L. (1999), A Mobile Sensor Platform for Construction Metrology and Automation: Design and Initial Results, International Conference on Field and Service Robotics, [online], (Accessed April 20, 2024)
Created August 31, 1999, Updated February 17, 2017