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Milliwatt-threshold visible-telecom optical parametric oscillation using silicon nanophotonics



Xiyuan Lu, Gregory Moille, Anshuman Singh, Qing Li, Daron Westly, Ashutosh Rao, Su P. Yu, Travis Briles, Scott Papp, Kartik Srinivasan


The on-chip creation of coherent light at visible wavelengths is of interest to many applications in spectroscopy, sensing, and metrology. Towards that goal, here we propose and demonstrate the first on-chip visible-telecom optical parameteric oscillator (OPO), using a whispering-gallery mode (WGM) cavity on a silicon photonics platform. In contrast to previous works that use WGM photonics to realize telecom-pumped OPOs with a wide spectral separation in the infrared, here we demonstrate a nanophotonic OPO that is pumped in the 900 nm band and generates signal and idler light in the 700 nm and 1300 nm bands, respectively. Moreover, our OPO has a superior power efficiency with a threshold power of (0.9 +/- 0.1) mW, which is more than 50x smaller than the WGM-based infrared OPOs. We further show how the device design can be modified to access other desirable spectral windows with a similar power efficiency, and generate 780 nm and 1500 nm band light using a 1020 nm band pump. Though further development is needed, our nanophotonic visible-telecom OPO shows distinct advantages in power efficiency, operation stability, and device scalability, and is a major advance in the on chip generation of coherent visible light.


Lu, X. , Moille, G. , Singh, A. , Li, Q. , Westly, D. , Rao, A. , Yu, S. , Briles, T. , Papp, S. and Srinivasan, K. (2019), Milliwatt-threshold visible-telecom optical parametric oscillation using silicon nanophotonics, Optica, [online],, (Accessed June 14, 2024)


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Created December 19, 2019, Updated October 12, 2021