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On Migrating ISO 10303 PMI Models to a Common Core



Allison Barnard Feeney, Thomas Thurman


Industrial users of ISO 10303 STandard for the Exchange of Product Model Data (STEP) protocols needed the ability to exchange design product data that is in conformance with recently updated ISO geometric product specification (GPS) standards, the American Soci- ety of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) dimensioning and tolerancing standard, and recently updated digital product data definition practice standards. Updates to those standards were made to support continued migration from drawing-based product and manufacturing in- formation (PMI) exchange to full model-based exchange, sharing and management across life-cycle viewpoints (i.e., design to fabrication to inspection). The aerospace and automo- tive industries created a joint project to merge ISO 10303-203: Configuration controlled 3D design (AP 203) and ISO 10303-214: Core data for automotive mechanical design processes (AP 214) into a new ISO 10303-242: Managed model-based 3D engineering (AP 242) rather than pursue individual updates. Relevant STEP information models have been updated and new information models created to support the ASME and ISO standards, resulting in the publication of AP 242 in 2014.
Advanced Manufacturing Series (NIST AMS) - 100-51
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computer aided design, data exchange, data model, datum system, dimension model, dimension representation, dimensioning and tolerancing, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, geometric tolerance, geometrical product specification, integration, product and manufacturing information, product data, profile tolerance, STEP, tolerance model, tolerance representation.


Barnard Feeney, A. and Thurman, T. (2023), On Migrating ISO 10303 PMI Models to a Common Core, Advanced Manufacturing Series (NIST AMS), National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD, [online],, (Accessed June 21, 2024)


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Created January 4, 2023