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Mid-Infrared Imaging With a Solid Immersion Lens and Broadband Laser Source



Chris A. Michaels


An approach to increasing the spatial resolution attainable with infrared (IR) microscopy involves the application of hemispherical solid immersion lenses (SIL). The hemispherical SIL lens can produces image formation free of geometric aberration, wherein the effective numerical aperture and magnification are increased by a factor of the material index of refraction. A microscope designed for exploration of IR SIL imaging based on a ZnSe SIL, an InSb focal plane array detector and a broadband IR laser source will be described. The imaging characteristics of this system, including the spatial resolution improvements attainable in the imaging of organic test samples are reported.
Applied Physics Letters


chemical imaging, IR imaging, IR microscopy, Solid Immersion Lens, vibrational Spectroscopy


Michaels, C. (2007), Mid-Infrared Imaging With a Solid Immersion Lens and Broadband Laser Source, Applied Physics Letters (Accessed July 14, 2024)


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Created March 19, 2007, Updated December 12, 2016