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Microstructure, Properties, and Modeling: Elastic and Related Properties of Two-Phase Materials



H M. Ledbetter, Martin Dunn


We review some of our recent studies on elastic constants, internal friction, and related properties of two-phase materials. The occluded-phase geometry includes particles, short fibers, long fibers, and laminae. We review our measurement methods, which range in frequency from near-static to magahertz. Briefly, we review our theoreticl models, which include Mori-Tanaka effective-field, Datta-Ledbetter scattered-plane-wave ensemble-average, and Dunn-Ledbetter mechanical-concentration-factor extended Hori-Nemat-Nasser. Example materials include ceramic, metal, and polymer matrices. We show results for five composites: A12O3/ZrO2 particle mixtures, voids in sintered titanium, graphite fibers in a magnesium matrix, short SiC fibers in an aluminum matrix, a laminate comprising aramid-fiber-epoxy and aluminum layers.
Conference Dates
September 9-11, 1996
Conference Location
Tokyo, JA
Conference Title
Microstructures and Functions of Materials


composites, elastic constants, stress-strain, thermal expansion


Ledbetter, H. and Dunn, M. (1996), Microstructure, Properties, and Modeling: Elastic and Related Properties of Two-Phase Materials, Microstructures and Functions of Materials, Tokyo, JA (Accessed July 20, 2024)


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Created September 1, 1996, Updated February 17, 2017