Microscopy and Microanalysis of Individual Collected Particles- Chapter 10

Published: July 05, 2011


Robert A. Fletcher, Nicholas W. Ritchie, Ian M. Anderson, John A. Small


This chapter describes microscopy and microanalysis techniques used for the characterization of collected, individual particles in a variety of instruments. The instruments discussed are the light microscope, electron microscopes (both scanning and transmission), electron microprobes, laser, optical, scanning probe and ion microprobes. The principles of operation and the instrumental capabilities are presented. The chapter also contains some basic information about sample preparation, useful for the aerosol scientist.
Citation: Aerosol Measurement
Publisher Info: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ
Pub Type: Book Chapters


individual particle analysis, Microanalysis, microprobes, single particle, collected aerosol
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