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Microscale Test Technique and Test Results for Aluminum Thin Films



David T. Read, Joseph D. McColskey, Yi-Wen Cheng


A microscale, skyhook-type tensile-test technique has been developed to extend tensile testing to micrometer-scale specimens. This technique has been used to perform tenisle tests of 1 m by 10 m by 180 m gauge sections of electron-beam-evaporated aluminum films uncer both an optical and a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The technique includes three main elements: specimen design and fabrication, test apparatus including the force probe, and digital-image correlation for strain measurement. The scope of this presentation is the specimen design and the test apparatus. The specimen design has several advantages compared to previous thin-filmtest techniques, including elimination of the need to etch all the way through the substrate, applicability to narrower and more delicate specimen materials, and amenability to testing within SEM. A similar loading technique was reported by Schweitz in 1997, and a more rudimentary version was explored by Read in 1996. The results of testing aluminum thin films are presented and discussed.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Annual Conference
Conference Dates
June 1, 2001
Conference Location
Conference Title
Society for Experimental Mechanics


digital image correlation, ductility, mechanical, physical-vapor-deposited, tensile, ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, Young's modulus


Read, D. , McColskey, J. and Cheng, Y. (2008), Microscale Test Technique and Test Results for Aluminum Thin Films, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Annual Conference, Undefined (Accessed April 13, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008