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Micromechanical Properties of Spherical and Facetted He Bubble Loaded Copper



Osman El Atwani, Jonathan Gigax, Rodney McCabe, Demircan Canadinc, Matthew Chancey, Jordan Weaver


Exploring new irradiation resistant materials requires understanding their mechanical responses to irradiation. Resistance to helium bubble formation and understanding bubble effects on the mechanical response of candidate materials are crucial factors to qualify materials as irradiation resistant. Here, we explore the effect of spherical and facetted helium bubbles on the mechanical response of copper via in-situ micromechanical tensile testing at room temperature. Bubble formation and shape effects on strength and ductility, and their behavior on grain boundaries are discussed and compared to literature. Loading Cu with helium bubbles is shown here to increase strength but decrease ductility.
Extreme Mechanics Letters


mechanical properties, He bubbles, Schmid factor, shear, ductility


El Atwani, O. , Gigax, J. , McCabe, R. , Canadinc, D. , Chancey, M. and Weaver, J. (2023), Micromechanical Properties of Spherical and Facetted He Bubble Loaded Copper, Extreme Mechanics Letters, [online],, (Accessed May 24, 2024)


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Created June 1, 2023, Updated August 8, 2023