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Microform Calibration Uncertainties of Rockwell Diamond Indenters



Jun-Feng Song, F Rudder, Theodore V. Vorburger, J Smith


National and international comparisons in Rockwell hardness tests show significant differences. Uncertainties in the geometry of the Rockwell diamond indenters are largely responsible for these differences. By using a stylus instrument, with a series of calibration and check standards, and calibration and uncertainty calculation procedures, we have calibrated the microform geometric parameters of Rockwell diamond indenters. These calibrations are traceable to fundamental standards. The expanded uncertainties (95 % level of confidence) are 60.3 mm for the least squares radius; 60.018 for the cone angle; and 60.0258 for the holder axis alignment calibrations. Under ISO and NIST guidelines for expressing measurement uncertainties, the calibration and uncertainty calculation procedure, error sources, and uncertainty components are described, and the expanded uncertainties are calculated. The instrumentation and calibration procedure also allows the measurement of profile deviation from the least-squares radius and cone flank straightness. The surface roughness and the shape of the spherical tip of the diamond indenter can also be explored and quantified. Our calibration approach makes it possible to quantify the uncertainty, uniformity, and reproducibility of Rockwell diamond indenter microform geometry, as well as to unify the Rockwell hardness standards, through fundamental measurements rather than by performance comparisons.
Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology


calibration uncertainty, diamond indenter, HRC, microform, Rockwell hardness, traceability


Song, J. , Rudder, F. , Vorburger, T. and Smith, J. (1995), Microform Calibration Uncertainties of Rockwell Diamond Indenters, Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Accessed April 15, 2024)
Created August 31, 1995, Updated October 12, 2021