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Microfabricated strontium atomic vapor cells



Jacob Pate, John Kitching, Matthew Hummon


We demonstrate strontium (Sr) atomic vapor cells having a total external volume of 0.63 cm3 that can operate above 300 °C for times exceeding 380 h. The cells are fabricated using micromachined silicon frames anodically bonded to glass windows that have a 20-nm thick protective layer of Al2O3 deposited on the interior surfaces. The presence of Sr vapor in the cell is confirmed through laser absorption spectroscopy for the 1S0 → 1P1 transition in Sr at 461 nm. Measurements of sub-Doppler linewidths indicated negligible (<3 MHz) broadening of this transition from residual background gas collisions. This compact and manufacturable, high-temperature atomic vapor cell can enable narrow-line optical frequency references based on strontium and other alkaline earth species.
Optics Letters


Pate, J. , Kitching, J. and Hummon, M. (2023), Microfabricated strontium atomic vapor cells, Optics Letters, [online],, (Accessed June 25, 2024)


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Created January 5, 2023, Updated June 6, 2024