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Microcantilever Torque Magnetometry Study of Patterned Magnetic Films



L. Yuan, Lan Gao, R. Sabirianov, Sy-hwang Liou, Michelle Chabot, Dong-Hoon Min, John M. Moreland, Bao Shan Han


Microcantilever torque magnetometry (MTM) is a sensitive tool to measure small magnetization changes in the sample. In this paper, we investigated a process for preparing patterned magnetic films on cantilevers and studied the magnetic interactions of a single pair of micrometer-sized Ni80Fe20 bars (7 υm × 3.5 υm × 30 nm) separated by 50 nm using a MTM. The bars were prepared with focused ion beam milling. The magnetic hysteresis loops show that the switching field of a single bar is larger than the reversing field of only one of the paired bars and less than that of both paired bars. This clearly indicates that magnetostatic interaction exists between the close paired bars.
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics


cantilever, magnetic hysteresis loops, patterned films, torque magnetometry
Created October 1, 2006, Updated February 19, 2017