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Microanalysis: What Is It, Where Did It Come From, and Where Is It Going?



Dale E. Newbury


"Microanalysis" in the parlance of the Microanalysis Society (MAS) refers to spatially-resolved elemental and molecular analysis performed at the micrometer to nanometer to picometer scales by any combination of excitation and analytical spectrometry that yields useful information. MAS evolved from the Electron Probe Analysis Society of America (EPASA), founded in 1966 because of intense interest in electron-excited X-ray microanalysis (EPMA) with wavelength dispersive spectrometry (WDS), the first successful elemental analysis technique with micrometer resolution.
Microscopy and Microanalysis


electron probe X-ray microanalysis, elemental analysis, materials characterization, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray spectrometry


Newbury, D. (2017), Microanalysis: What Is It, Where Did It Come From, and Where Is It Going?, Microscopy and Microanalysis (Accessed December 9, 2023)
Created August 4, 2017, Updated November 7, 2022