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Mg/GaAs(001): A Highly Anisotropic Reaction Morphology



Steven W. Robey


The spontaneous growth of one-dimensional structures during reaction of Mg on GaAs(001) 4x2 Ga-stabilized surface was observed by in situ electron diffraction and ex situ atomic force microscopy (AFM). Reaction led to growth of an epitaxial, cubic phase with a lattice constant of 0.62+/-0.02 nm. Atomic force microscopy revealed structures elongated along [110]. We propose a mechanism for the formation of these features by migration of Ga or Ga-rich droplets that enhance the reaction of Mg with GaAs to form a ridge of Mg3As2 with alignment along [110] due either to strain or chemical anisotropy.
Applied Physics Letters


GaAs(001), Mg, reaction vapor-liquid solid, thin films, VLS


Robey, S. (1999), Mg/GaAs(001): A Highly Anisotropic Reaction Morphology, Applied Physics Letters (Accessed March 4, 2024)
Created December 31, 1999, Updated February 17, 2017