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Metrology in Support of Trace Explosive Detection Equipment for Airport Security Applications.



George A. Klouda, J Greg Gillen, Robert A. Fletcher, E S. Etz, Jennifer R. Verkouteren, R. Michael Verkouteren, E Ferguson


We are working in collaboration with the Transportation Security Agency's Trace Explosive Detection Group to build a chemical metrology program to help support the widespread operational deployment and effective utilization of trace explosives detection devices throughout the United States with emphasis on ion mobility spectrometry based systems. A second objective is to develop at NIST the specialized measurement expertise needed to support the next generation of explosive detection equipment. We will discuss our ongoing research in this area and demonstrate some of the advanced metrology tools being used to characterize individual explosive particles. Critical to the public's safety and security is the reliability of trace-explosives detectors beyond their simple presence as a deterrent.
Conference Proceedings


Ion mobility spectrometry, microscopic particles, particle morphology, portal, single particle chemical analysis, swipe, trace-explosive detection


Klouda, G. , Gillen, J. , Fletcher, R. , Etz, E. , Verkouteren, J. , Verkouteren, R. and Ferguson, E. (2008), Metrology in Support of Trace Explosive Detection Equipment for Airport Security Applications., Conference Proceedings (Accessed July 17, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008