Metrology Outreach and Training: A Fulbright Experience in Mexico

Published: August 31, 2017


Georgia L. Harris, Flora Mercader, Adriana Veraza, Salvador Echeverria Villagomez


2016 was an exciting year for international collaboration on metrology education and training. This paper provides a 3-part look at how a Fulbright Specialist grant supported collaboration between the United States and Mexico. Part 1 describes the experience of Georgia Harris (NIST) as a Fulbright Specialist, from the application process to the implementation activities in Mexico and share insight about lessons learned. In Part 2, Flora Mercader and Adriana Veraza describe the application process within the University to obtain approvals for the grant, the implementation process, how additional parties were engaged for participation, some immediate benefits, and some expected long-term impacts, and lessons learned. Part 3 includes Salvador Echeverria describing CENAM’s involvement in the courses conducted at the University as well as the sessions held at CENAM, immediate benefits that were observed, and provides insight for ongoing collaboration for metrology education and training in Mexico. Recommendations and additional ideas for international collaboration and future work on measuring the impact of collaborative efforts are proposed.
Proceedings Title: National Conference of Standards Laboratories International (NCSLI)Annual Symposium and Workshop
Conference Dates: August 13-17, 2017
Conference Location: Oxon Hill, MD
Conference Title: Precision and Performance with Measurement Science
Pub Type: Conferences

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metrology education, metrology outreach, international collaboration
Created August 31, 2017, Updated September 14, 2017