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Metrology Needs for Metal Additive Manufacturing Powders



John A. Slotwinski, Edward Garboczi


Additive manufacturing (AM) processes are capable of producing highly complex and customized parts, without the need for dedicated tooling, and can produce parts directly from the part design information. These types of processes are poised to revolutionize the manufacturing industry, yet there are several challenges that are currently preventing more widespread adoption of AM technologies. Among these challenges are metrology issues associated with the measurement and characterization of the metal powders used for additive manufacturing systems. This paper will describe the technical challenges and needs for characterizing metal AM powders, recent research efforts to address those needs, and current work to standardize characterization methods in ASTM and ISO, such as the recently released ASTM F3049 Standard Guide for Characterizing Properties of Metal Powders Used for Additive Manufacturing Processes.
JOM Journal of the Minerals Metals and Materials Society


additive manufacturing, metal powder, ASTM F3049


Slotwinski, J. and Garboczi, E. (2015), Metrology Needs for Metal Additive Manufacturing Powders, JOM Journal of the Minerals Metals and Materials Society, [online], (Accessed April 15, 2024)
Created January 28, 2015, Updated October 12, 2021