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Metrological Timelines in Traceability



S D. Rasberry, Charles D. Ehrlich


Current developments and applications in the field of metrology have increased the need for correct and appropriate usage of the terms and concepts related to measurement traceability. Besides traceability itself, some of the interrelated terms include measurement, value, and uncertainty. This paper will describe internationally developed definitions of the terms and the authors' views of how they should be used. Practical aspects of customer requirements will be discussed and potential pathways for establihing traceability will be enumerated. Included among the pathways are two that are still under development. They are based on the use of proficiency testing materials as material measures (transfer standards for measurements.) Some aspects of the history of the concept of traceability will be discussed to set the stage for what the near term future might hold for use of the term in metrology.
National Conference of Standards Laboratories International


materials, measurement, proficiency evaluation, reference, timelines, traceablility, uncertainty


Rasberry, S. and Ehrlich, C. (1998), Metrological Timelines in Traceability, National Conference of Standards Laboratories International (Accessed April 19, 2024)
Created January 1, 1998, Updated April 11, 2022