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Methods for preparation and detection of neutron spin-orbit states



Michael G. Huber, D. Sarenac, J. Nsofini, I. Hincks, David Cory, Muhammad D. Arif, Charles W. Clark, D. A. Pushin


The generation and control of neutron orbital angular momentum (OAM) states and spin correlated OAM (spin-orbit) states provides a powerful probe of materials with unique penetrating abilities and magnetic sensitivity. We describe techniques to prepare and characterize neutron spin-orbit states, and provide a quantitative comparison to known procedures. The proposed detection method directly measures the correlations of spin state and transverse momentum, and overcomes the major challenges associated with neutrons, which are low flux and small spatial coherence length. Our preparation techniques, utilizing special geometries of magnetic fields, are based on coherent averaging and spatial control methods borrowed from nuclear magnetic resonance. The described procedures may be extended to other probes such as electrons and electromagnetic waves.
New Journal of Physics


neutron interferometry, Orbital angular momentum


Huber, M. , Sarenac, D. , Nsofini, J. , Hincks, I. , Cory, D. , Arif, M. , , C. and , D. (2018), Methods for preparation and detection of neutron spin-orbit states, New Journal of Physics, [online],, (Accessed June 23, 2024)


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Created October 10, 2018, Updated May 3, 2021