Methodologies for Visualizing Publication Impacts and Collaborations at a Research Institute

Published: June 15, 2015


Amanda J. Malanowski, Susan L. Makar, Stacy M. Bruss, Kathleen A. Rapp


Objective: The Information Services Office (ISO) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) analyzed the impact of NIST’s peer-reviewed forensic journal literature through citation analysis and network visualizations and presented its findings at a technical forensics conference. Methods: This analysis is based on a Web of Science search for NIST forensic publications for the years 1978-2014. A co-author network was created from the search results using Sci2 and visualized using Gephi to show key NIST authors and the collaborative relationship of authors within forensic subdisciplines. Citation metrics were also parsed, including institutions, journals, and countries of publications citing NIST forensic publications. Results: This study found NIST scientists have proven impact on the forensic research community through research collaborations, highly cited publications, and worldwide citations of their publications. By presenting its findings at the technical conference, ISO had impact on both NIST scientists and outside researchers.
Pub Type: Talks

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impact assessment, collaborations
Created June 15, 2015, Updated February 19, 2017