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Method for enabling a root of trust in support of product-data certification and traceability



Thomas D. Hedberg, Sylvere I. Krima, Jaime A. Camelio


Trust in product-data quality (PDQ) is critical to successful implementation of model-based enterprise (MBE). Such trust does not now extend to the exchange and reuse of three-dimensional (3D)-product models across the product lifecycle because verifiable traceability in product data is lacking. This assurance is especially crucial when "siloed" manufacturing functions produce product data that is not fully interoperable and thus requires frequent reworking to enable reuse. Previous research showed how Public Key Infrastructure (X.509-PKI) from the X.509 standard could be used to embed digital signatures into product data for the purposes of certification and traceability. This paper first provides an overview and review of technologies that could be integrated to support trust throughout the product lifecycle. The paper then proposes a trust structure and how that structure could support several data-transaction types. Next, the paper presents a case study for common configuration management (CM) workflows that are typically found in regulated industries. Finally, the paper draws conclusions and provides recommendations for further research for enabling the product lifecycle of trust (PLOT).
ASME Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering


Trustworthiness, Authentication, Authorization, Product-Data Quality (PQD), CAD/CAM/CAE, Model-Based Enterprise (MBE), Private Key Infrastructure (PKI)
Created June 3, 2019, Updated June 4, 2019