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The Metallurgical Analysis of Wrought Iron from the RMS Titanic



J J. Hooper, Timothy J. Foecke, L Graham, Timothy P. Weihs


In this paper, traditional metallography combined with image analysis, mechanical testing, and micromechanical modeling are used to understand the variation in the mechanical properties of wrought iron as a function of its microstructure. Thousands of optical micrographs, taken in order to digitally mosaic the surface features of 35 Titanic rivets, are analyzed using an automated image analysis routine, which measures a set of microstructural parameters including particle area percent, size aspect ratio, and orientation. Results from a series of mechanical tests on small specimens are both qualitatively and quantitatively discussed. Data from the measured microstructural parameters and mechanical testing are combined in the Generalized Method of Cells micromechanical model in order to predict the local mechanical behavior of wrought iron as a function of microstructure.
Measurement Science & Technology
No. 9


Generalized Method of Cells, image analysis, wrought iron


Hooper, J. , Foecke, T. , Graham, L. and Weihs, T. (2003), The Metallurgical Analysis of Wrought Iron from the RMS Titanic, Measurement Science & Technology (Accessed June 24, 2024)


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Created August 31, 2003, Updated October 12, 2021