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Metal-Insulator Transition Tuned by Magnetic Field in Bi1.7V8O16 Hollandite



Amber M. Larson, Brandon Wilfong, Pouya Moetakef, Craig Brown, Peter Zavalij, Efrain E. Rodriguez


We describe a metal-insulator transition for a quasi-one dimensional system containing a mix of S = 1 and S=1/2 vanadium cations. Unlike all other known vanadates, Bi1.7V8O16 displays non-spin-singlet formation upon entering the insulating state, although no long-range magnetic ordering is observed from neutron diffraction. The magnetotransport measurements reveal that the transition is suppressed upon application of an external magnetic field, and this behavior is both hysteretic and anisotropic. A first-order structural transition is revealed by the coexistence of two tetragonal phases near the metal-insulator transition indicative of dimerization between the mixed-spin cations.
Journal of Materials Chemistry C


metal-insulator transition, spin-Peierls distortion , crystallography, magnetism


Larson, A. , Wilfong, B. , Moetakef, P. , Brown, C. , Zavalij, P. and Rodriguez, E. (2017), Metal-Insulator Transition Tuned by Magnetic Field in Bi<sub>1.7</sub>V<sub>8</sub>O<sub>16</sub> Hollandite, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, [online], (Accessed June 22, 2024)


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Created April 30, 2017, Updated October 12, 2021