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Message from the Editor-in-Chief (EiC): Smart Grid (Wireless Communications)



Hamid Gharavi


With the anticipated deployment of new advanced technologies and smart devices in the next generation electric system, developing a robust wireless network along with effective design architectures for inter/intra communications between various entities and players in Smart Grid domains will become more challenging. As, interoperability, reliability, scalability, resiliency, and security remain key tenets of the next generation of active grid systems, the wireless research community will continue to confront these challenges. Our main goal has been to make sure that the IEEE communication society continues to play a major role in Smart Grid by publishing high quality papers. Therefore, I am very pleased that a sizable portion of this issue is dedicated to the wireless communication aspects of the smart grid. This special issue contains important papers that address some of the critical challenges described above. I would like to thank the Guest Editors for handling a large number of high quality papers that were submitted to this special issue. Unfortunately, due to limited space, they had to restrict themselves to selecting only a handful of papers.
IEEE Wireless Communications


Smart Grid, Wireless Communications
Created April 3, 2017, Updated May 2, 2017