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MEMS non-absorbing electromagnetic power sensor employing the effect of radiation pressure



Ivan Ryger, Alexandra B. Artusio-Glimpse, Paul A. Williams, Gordon A. Shaw, Matthew T. Simons, Christopher L. Holloway, John H. Lehman


We demonstrate a compact electromagnetic power sensor based on force effects of electromagnetic radiation onto a highly reflective mirror surface. Unlike the conventional power measurement approach, the photons are not absorbed and can be further used in the investigated system. In addition, the exerted force is frequency-independent, yielding a wide measurement frequency span being practically limited by the wavelength-dependent mirror reflection coefficient. The mechanical arrangement of two sensing elements in tandem suppresses the influence of gravity and vibrations on the power reading. We achieve a noise floor of about 1W/√Hz and speed of 100 ms, being practically limited by sensor’s dynamics and lock-in amplifier filter settling time.
Proceedings Title
MDPI Proceedings, Vol.2, Issue 13, September 2018, EUROSENSORS 2018 Proceedings.
Conference Dates
September 9-12, 2018
Conference Location
Graz, -1
Conference Title
Eurosensors 2018


radiation pressure, capacitive sensor, lock-in amplifier, silicon micromachining, acoustic noise suppression, tilt immunity, distributed Bragg reflector, Archimedian spiral spring
Created September 9, 2018, Updated April 4, 2019