Measuring Up to Sustainable Water, NIST-Virginia Tech Workshop on Aging Water Infrastructure September 9-10 2010

Published: September 09, 2010


Stephanie A. Hooker, Christopher N. McCowan, Sunil K. Sinha, Mark Edwards


The NIST-VT workshop identified funding priorities for federal institutions and other funding sources for sustainable water infrastructure systems in order to align fundamental and applied research with long-term needs. The workshop started with several keynote presentations to frame the topics. The keynotes were followed by breakout sessions to develop and rank potential research and educational activities. The workshop concluded with all the attendees developing a consensus on a prioritized list of research goals. The workshop was organized into 5 breakout discussion areas: Pipeline Failure Modes and Mechanisms, Pipe Condition Assessment Technologies, Pipeline Renewal Engineering Technologies, Pipe Locating Technologies, and Education, Outreach, and Training.
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infrastructure, NIST workshop, Virginia Tech workshop, water, water infrastructure
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