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Measurement of Weak Signals Using a Communications Receiver System



Marc Rutschlin, Catherine A. Remley, Robert T. Johnk, Dylan F. Williams, Galen H. Koepke


We describe the calibration of an inexpensive, reliable system for use in weak-signal detection. The calibration procedure described allows the conversion of signals measured with the communications receiver system-which is based on a standard communications receiver and a personal computer sound card-to-electric field values. This enables the use of the system for system-independent propagation studies. In addition, the system allows detection of signals ont he order of 20-30dB lower than is possible with standard handheld radio. This is of great use to the public safety community.
Proceedings Title
7th International Symposium on Advanced Radio Technologies
Conference Dates
March 1-3, 2005
Conference Location
Boulder, CO


First Responder, Emergency Communications, Weak-Signal Detection, Communications Receiver, Calibrator, Radio
Created March 1, 2005, Updated January 27, 2020