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Measurement of Wavelengths With Phosphor Storage Image Plates at Grazing-Incidence



Joseph Reader, Uri Feldman, Charles Brown


Measurements of wavelengths to high accuracy with a 10.7-m grazing-incidence spectrograph using phosphor storage image plates were carried out. The spectra were emitted by a Ne/Mg Penning discharge and by sliding spark discharges of Y and Mo. The spectra were recorded in the 150-450 range. We found that by using flexible steel plates to back the image plates on the focal surface of the concave grating and by using a scanner with rotary drum, the measurements with the image plates could achieve an accuracy of 0.003 , comparable to what is normally achieved with glass photographic plates.
Applied Optics


grazing-incidence spectrograph, image plates, penning discharge, wavelength measurements


Reader, J. , Feldman, U. and Brown, C. (2008), Measurement of Wavelengths With Phosphor Storage Image Plates at Grazing-Incidence, Applied Optics (Accessed July 20, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008