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Measurement of the ultraviolet-induced fluorescence yield from integrating spheres



Ping-Shine Shaw, Uwe Arp, Keith R. Lykke


We report theory and measurements of a simple and absolute technique for the determination of the total emitted spectral fluorescence yield inside an integrating sphere from the sphere coating under irradiation with a monochromatic beam. This technique measures the spectral response to the radiation exiting from an integrating sphere under irradiation by a spectrometer-detector system. The total spectral fluorescence yield can be calculated by the response measurement and an overall responsivity function that is obtained by calibrating the system with a standard source. This technique provides quantitative fluorescence analysis of the coating of an integrating sphere wall.


fluorescence yield, Integrating spheres, UV induced fluorrescence
Created June 2, 2009, Updated February 19, 2017