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Measurement Techniques for RF Nanoelectronics



Thomas M. Wallis, Luca Pierantoni


In 1882, in a lecture at the University of Leiden, Nobel prize-winner Heike Kammerlingh Onnes coined the motto: “Through Measurement to Knowledge” [1]. In that same lecture, he gave many historical examples of how measurements have fostered insight, including accounts of how Coulomb and Faraday used torsion-balance measurements to learn the fundamental properties of electromagnetic forces. Kammerlingh Onnes’ point is compelling: throughout history, measurements have helped to grow our understanding of electromagnetism and drive innovation. However, there is a complementary process at work, namely that new knowledge and innovations drive the development of new measurement techniques. It is a virtuous cycle: as we go through measurement to knowledge, we also move through knowledge to measurement.
IEEE Microwave Magazine


Wallis, T. and Pierantoni, L. (2014), Measurement Techniques for RF Nanoelectronics, IEEE Microwave Magazine, [online], (Accessed April 15, 2024)
Created January 20, 2014, Updated January 27, 2020