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Measurement Standards for Optically Active Coatings to Improve Shipboard Tank Preservation



Maria E. Nadal, Carl C. Miller, Richard Harold, Paul Gossen


The cost of corrosion control to the Department of Defense (DOD) is estimated to be $20B/yr. Eliminating coating defects during the coating application job is the key to extending coating service life. Fluorescent coatings containing additives that fluoresce under violet light are commercially available. NAVSEA requires a specification and test method for this fluorescent coating so that it can be specified in Navy coating contracts. The objective of the project is to develop a tolerance budget so ASTM committee E12 on Color and Appearance will have the knowledge to develop an ASTM test method characterizing the fluorescent optical property. Presented is the measurement equation, the experimental and simulation details, along with the analysis to determine sensitivity coefficients to develop a tolerance budget.
Journal of Modern Optics
No. 13


luminance ratio, optically active coatings, tolerances, uncertainty budget


Nadal, M. , Miller, C. , Harold, R. and Gossen, P. (2009), Measurement Standards for Optically Active Coatings to Improve Shipboard Tank Preservation, Journal of Modern Optics, [online], (Accessed April 18, 2024)
Created June 18, 2009, Updated June 2, 2021