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Measurement of Solid-State-Lighting Products



Yoshihiro Ohno, Carl C. Miller


This paper discusses issues of photometric measurements of solid-state-lighting (SSL) products, for quantities including luminous flux, luminous efficacy, luminous intensity distribution, and color characteristics. Standards for SSL products are urgently needed, as products are presently being introduced to the market with performance claims that are often found to be unreliable. Current standard test methods, appropriate for conventional general lighting application sources and luminaires, are not applicable to SSL products where the functions of the source and luminaire cannot be separated. Thus test procedures designed for testing integrated lighting systems are necessary. In this paper, such measurement issues of SSL products and the standardization activities in the U.S. are overviewed, and proposed measurement methods for photometric and colorimetric characteristics of SSL products are discussed.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings of the International Commission on Illumination | 26th | 2007 | CIE |
Conference Dates
July 4-11, 2007
Conference Location
Beijing, CH
Conference Title
CIE International Commission on Illumination


LED, luminous efficacy, luminous flux, measurement, photometry, solid state lighting


Ohno, Y. and Miller, C. (2007), Measurement of Solid-State-Lighting Products, Proceedings of the International Commission on Illumination | 26th | 2007 | CIE |, Beijing, CH (Accessed July 18, 2024)


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Created July 11, 2007, Updated June 14, 2017