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Measurement of Radio-Frequency Radiation Pressure



Christopher L. Holloway, Alexandra B. Artusio-Glimpse, Matthew T. Simons, Ivan Ryger


In this work we perform measurements of the radiation pressure of a radio-frequency (RF) electromagnetic field which will lead to a new SI traceable power calibration. There are several groups around the world investigating methods to perform more direct SI traceable measurement of RF power (where RF is defined to range from 100s of MHz to THz). A measurement of radiation pressure offers the possibility for a measure traceable to the kilogram and to Plancks' constant through the redefined SI. Towards this goal, we demonstrate the ability to measure the radiation pressure/force carried in a field at 15~GHz.
Physics Arxiv


Measurement standards, radiation pressure, power measurements, SI traceable


Holloway, C. , Artusio-Glimpse, A. , Simons, M. and Ryger, I. (2018), Measurement of Radio-Frequency Radiation Pressure, Physics Arxiv (Accessed April 21, 2024)
Created February 13, 2018, Updated March 6, 2019